This week we have just a few, albeit fairly “meaty” questions to ask about the most recent Weeds season 7 episode, “Fingers Only Meat Banquet.” (I’d say pardon the pun, but I put it there on purpose, so….enjoy it.)

Weeds Season 7 Review Questions for “Fingers Only Meat Banquet”

Let’s talk about office life on Wall Street. Knowing the books are being cooked, doesn’t Doug suspect that the accountant might be held responsible for the problems with, say, the books?

Additionally, now that Nancy has eliminated the competition, is that poor building full of rich, balding dudes going without any herbal remedy for now? So sad.

Has Jill always been quite as nasty as we see she’s being now? I want to crawl through the TV and throttle her, and usually I’m far too lazy to even think about doing that to TV characters.

Shane’s choice of college courses is interesting, and I’d like to hear what his motivation for criminology classes is. Does he want to learn how to stay out of trouble by using lawyer tricks, or what?

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