After every episode of Weeds we have questions. Then we have you guys comment and we all brainstorm until we  feel like a think tank of rock-solid theories that get blown out of the water by the next episode. Anyway. Here are our burning questions for the Weeds episode “Cats! Cats! Cats!”

Michelle Trachtenberg as Emma (Weeds Season 7: episode 9) - Photo: Jordin Althaus/SHOWTIME

Weeds season 7 Review Questions

  • How did Nancy end up in bed with her boss? There was no transition. What’s the fun in putting her in a crazy, inescapable situation if we don’t see how she dealt with it?
  • Nancy’s boss asks her to run away with him, and then just gives her his town house. Why do men always fall in love with her so fast? What she needs to be doing is writing best-selling books on how to get men to fall in love with you.
  • I understand that Doug would remember random things, but he seemed to know a lot about the SEC and literally saved the day for both him and Nancy in one swoop. Talk about lucky.

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  • Did Shane not get his one phone call in jail? If he did, then who’d he call? Is he too embarrassed to call his family?
  • What ended up burning? The townhouse? That didn’t seem clear enough.
  • Along with wondering why Doug is randomly so smart, why is Silas so trusting? Is it just because Emma was a girl that she didn’t seem threatening?
  • Did anyone else fall for the false start of thinking Silas was worried about his brother’s safety for printing out official police files, only to realize it was what Silas saw on the files (Emma as “Boss”) that upset him?

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