It’s time for our weekly Weeds season 7 review. The episode in question “Qualitative Spacial Reasoning” episode 12 in the season. By now, we have a pretty good idea of life for the Botwin’s in NYC. And I have to say… I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it, either.

The intro for the title seemed weak this week. Normally they’re stronger. It was a laptop turned on its side. I suppose I understand why they used that, but it’s not exactly their most creative attempt. In fact, this is probably the least imaginative one in the 12 episodes of season 7 so far. And on top of that, this felt like one of the weakest episodes of the season.

One thing I loved in the episode was seeing Shane helping the Detective. Later, we hear that it was just part of his plan to distract the man. Either way? It’s a sweet gesture. Shane brings the guys step son around, and then threatens the son if he isn’t nice. I don’t condone violence, blah, blah blah – however I realized that Shane is really able to appreciate things in life like Fathers and stability. He was kind of a kick ass motivational coach in that moment, even if his methods weren’t perfect.

But later we see how Shane is craving approval from his Mother, and how he’s trying to manipulate things so that Silas will be forgotten about. And that’s when I remember this darker side of Shane. And he could easily flip at any moment.

Speaking of flipping. Silas wanted Andy to flip to his side. And then Andy tried to go to Nancy. But Nancy doesn’t want him nearly as bad as Silas does. Nancy doesn’t take Andy seriously at all. I’d like to believe it’s out of a fear or a love or something, but it seems that she just doesn’t think much of her brother-in-law. So, Andy throws his cards in with Silas.

Both Nancy and Silas are trying to steal all the customers and be the one owning the town. But that makes me wonder if the town isn’t big enough for both of them. Of all towns in the USA, isn’t NYC pretty um, diverse? That is to say, it’s a jam-packed area full of people who might really be open to the idea of weed. The “there’s a limited customer base” worked back in Agrestic, but in NYC I have trouble believing that there’s only a small area worth taking.

Grade for this Weeds season 7 episode: C

Guest Stars: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tonye Patano, Michael Harney, Michelle Trachtenberg

Network: Showtime