With another episode of Weeds season 7 under our belts, it’s time to review what we saw.

Weeds Season 7 Review Questions for “Object Impermanence”

Nancy didn’t bother to warn Silas or Dean about the booby traps. Did that strike you as odd? After a few beats, it seemed clear that Silas did know they were there. So, there’s that. But damn, Nancy. Selfish much? It may not be her fault that Dean is so dumb, but it never hurts to help a dude out.

Would you buy Andy’s Copenhagen wheel? Did you know it’s a real product?

Did you have the impression that Silas wanted to have a conversation with his Mom about his real Dad? I’m very glad they brought this back up, although I really thought it would just be dropped. More than this, do you think that now that Silas is stateside he’ll look his Dad up again?

Seeing Heylia again was fun. (Conrad would have had more impact.) But Dean? Dean doesn’t need to be worked back into the storyline. It seems very convenient. Are you happy to see Dean, or are you just shrugging him off? (It’s not as though he really ever does anything aside from get stoned.)

Shane already knows about business fronts (we’ve had at least two, the bakery and the sandwich shop!) so why did he act like it was a revelation?

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