While Weeds has changed greatly over the past couple of seasons, Nancy Botwin hasn’t. She’s a troublemaker, a liar, and likely her own worst enemy. God, it’s good to have her back.

Weeds Season 7 “Bags” Recap

The opening credits

True to form, each opening credit is unique to the episode. This time, the words are written in steam.


Three years after she’s arrested, Nancy gets surprisingly released from jail. (Esteban is now dead.) Whilst hanging in the slammer, she’s become lovers with her cellmate, Zoya. As Nancy leaves, Zoya (who seems unlikely to ever be released from jail) hands Nancy two potholders. More on those later.

Nancy is released to a halfway house, and immediately attempts to con her way out of the place with lies. She eventually gets two free hours, and goes to an internet cafe to Skype with her sister, Jill, who has been watching Stevie. But Jill is acting awkward, frustrated, and unwilling to be helpful to Nancy. Jill doesn’t even want Nancy to see Stevie, but she does on accident. And when Stevie sees her, he calls her “Aunt Nancy.” Looks like Jill has been spinning her own variation of the truth for the lil guy.

Interestingly, Nancy asks Jill not to let anyone else know she’s been released. (So of course, being the bitch that Jill is, she informs Nancy’s family asap.)

Before heading back to the halfway home, Nancy goes to a spa and uses the potholders to pick up rocks and find a key. The key is to the trunk of an old car. Inside the trunk is a suitcase full of grenades. Now, what’s she gonna do with those?

Andy and Doug

Andy is trying to become president of a country, while also running Wonderful Wonderful tours with Doug. They’re in Copenhagen, of course. Doug is still highly into smoking pot, and banging tourists.


He’s grown up enough to have girlfriends who hate him, yay! He’s also taken the unique career path of putting on shows with marionettes. When he hears Nancy is free, he is the first to want to go visit her. He buys tickets for himself, Doug and Andy to go to America.


There’s no ticket to America for Silas, because Shane says Silas hates Mom. Silas is busy, too. He’s become a male model for a flower water company.

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