Justin Kirk and his acting abilities are phenomenal in the Weeds episode “System Overhead.” Weeds is in its 7th season on Showtime, and while Kirk has always been a bright spot on the show, this latest episode seems to have been written as a love letter to the range of emotions Kirk accesses as Andy Botwin (And oh, is it ever a mystical magical tour of feelings). If I sound impressed, it’s because I am. And now, in my new Weeds recap style, I’m going to bullet point for you my favorite things about this episode. We’ll start with the obvious…

Justin Kirk, you have never been more worthy of actorly appreciation than you were in this episode.

  • Justin Kirk. In general. In every scene. And I want to give major credit to the writer of this episode for having Andy go through this sullen, sad state without losing his sarcastic wit. Kirk played it perfectly, and I rarely use the “perfect” card.
  • Kevin Nealon gets a special shout-out this week, as well. I enjoy the office pranks Doug does, but I especially enjoyed the breaking of the wall as we saw Nealon holding cue cards (the title cards)  like he was in a silent movie. The “Doodie” and “Sorry” cards were a nice touch of whimsy. And a world without whimsy is a world I refuse to inhabit.

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  • Andy’s Weeds quotes for this episode get another bullet point. Here are some favorites. “You slept with the devil.” “The crafty bitch must have a scissorlift.” “Might want to open a window in that glass house.” “Press 1 for an 8th of arrogance. Press 2 for an ounce of misplaced hope, and 3 for a kilo of unending blind futility. Beeeep.” “Living your myopic lives? Okay!”
  • “All night, you people here. Make noise. Upset turtles!”- Landlord
  • Did you notice that between Nancy getting a call that Shane was in jail and arriving at the station, she stopped to get a coffee? Selfish, selfish.
  • Andy’s loud death threats to Emma and his insistence that she wear a seatbelt while he kidnapped and held her at nail gun point….well, this was just plain brilliant. Seriously now, I hate having to be so positive! I feel itchy.
  • Doug gave the SEC woman a middle fingered eye-to-eye “you mess with the bull” gesture. Again with the brilliance. And when he clapped loudly after learning she has heightened, sensitive hearing I practically cheered him on, even though in reality I hate people like that.

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