From panda soup to Michelle Tratchenberg, this weeks Weeds episode of “Synthetics” gave us plenty to love. Come share in the love.

Owls! The owls in the beginning were adorable and kitchy but even more than that, did you listen to hear that someone was humming the original Weeds theme song? Tiny little boxes, babies!

Michelle Tratchenberg! She’s sassy and she can play any role you throw at her. Even if it requires hair feathers (or was that a feather earring?) Her character, Emma doesn’t seem all that innocent, huh? But obviously she’s a little innocent, since normally she doesn’t get to be part of the shakedown’s.

Phrasing! “Could we do English? Did you just call her a donkey?” – Nancy

Clever! “Botwin!” “How high?” – Nancy As in, how how should she jump now. Very clever writing.

WTF! “I did a half oreo banana once.” – Doug

Endangered Species! “Cherry wants panda soup.” – Nancy

The House that Pounces! “No. We pounce. We don’t bounce.”

Hickey Hideout! “He opened his mouth wider.” – Nancy

Childish! Nancy acts childish in so many ways during this episode, whether it be trying to sneak away or rejecting help.

Blunt woman is blunt! “I’m sorry, you might want to go away because I don’t like you.” – Zoya

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