Nancy Botwin sure makes me feel like my life is pretty together. (Which it isn’t, not in the slightest. I had to use shampoo as soap today.)  In the Weeds season 7 episode “Game-Played” she started re-building a doomed future. While I adore the TV show Weeds, I haven’t been really impressed with season 7 so far. So, let’s recap the episode and talk about what was good, what was bad, and what was funky.

The Opening Credits

For this episode the intro made use of marionette puppets, which always reminds me of The Sound of Music. Very cute, very clever. Why doesn’t America have more marionettes, dammit.


There was no explanation for how he came by a an orange chenille suit jacket, but he was dressed to the nines for what turned out to be a job interview. Well, it wasn’t so much an interview. The people already hired him, remembering how great he always was. They were quite eager, in fact. A little…too eager? After seeing him in that get-up, they must be pretty desperate. No one is THAT nostalgic. Because they were so eager to hire him I feel like they may be making him the future fall guy for something. Knowing Doug, he’ll end up okay. He always does. People like him make me sick! I mean, you’ll never grow as a person without challenges, dammit!


Being a model in New York is probably pretty true to the experience we saw in this episode. Lindsay Sloane (love her) played an artist who put on a performance art piece without letting the model know what was going to happen. It involved a giant plastic hamster ball type unit that started deflating and leaving no air for Silas. Luckily, Andy was there and he cut his nephew out. The artist was thrilled, saying it was the first time someone had ever moved to help the trapped model.

He found his Mom storing weed, and claimed half for himself. I guess this show couldn’t work without weed, but this fresh start everyone had is really fading fast.


While Andy seemed to have gotten a date (and free food) from the aforementioned artist, nothing else was looking up for him. He hadn’t made a move to get a job, but he did secure himself and the boys a place to stay. …A really shitty place that had never been finished. It has no kitchen, no walls (even the most basic apartment should have walls around a bathroom) and nothing much going for it except for a basketball hoop.

Nancy stopped by the new place, full of expectations for Andy to be her bitchboy and find out if there was a market to sell weed. Nancy also took a spare key, acting entitled to such even though she made it clear she’d hoped the guys would not be staying in New York. Andy enables Nancy, but doesn’t seem very happy with her choices (neither am I, not that she’d ask.) When he got a hug from her, it was awkward. When she took her top off in front of him, it was awkward. He’s clearly still carrying a torch. Awww, Andy. I love him so much, I want to rescue him from himself or make him date Zooey Deschanel’s crazy character, again.


Okay. So, we have to talk about Nancy. She’s getting no love from me, though! I thought her interview outfit (part Sunday best, part sailor enthusiast) was appropriately funny. But I hate how she cons and manipulates everyone who comes into contact with her. She’s in a mandatory drug seminar thingy, which she’s using as research for how two get into the NY game. Oh, the irony tastes so sweet, doesn’t it? She also found out that Jill wants to legally adopt Stevie. If Nancy was serious about not wanting that to happen, she’d do what was suggested – get a job, save money, get a place. The things no one wants to do, but has to. Otherwise known as: being an adult.

Something that was interesting is that she made it crystal clear that she wants nothing to do with her boys (Silas and Shane) and that they have to be responsible for themselves, she really does want Stevie back. But since she’s getting back into the drug game, it’s a pretty bad idea. It’s just about her being stubborn and not wanting Jill to have Stevie. But what’s best for Stevie is that he stay with his aunt. And that’s sad and depressing and the stuff of Lifetime movies.

Also notable: Nancy had sex.


There’s not a ton to be said for him other than he was proud of his ex-girlfriend, his marionettes, and all of that… but Nancy wasn’t really moved. She told him that he needs to go to college. So now he’s pretending to be from Iceland to try and get into somewhere that won’t care that he doesn’t even have a GED. He’s industrious enough to play the banks against each other to get the best deal on a loan, but I the interesting point is that he doesn’t want to go to college, he just wants to do what his mother tells him he should do.

What did you think of the episode?

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