In the Weeds season 7 episode “Fingers Only Meat Banquet” we saw Nancy backing down three times: at her sister’s house, at the house of an old friend, and when she realizes that Silas might not go to bat for her. We don’t often see the warm and fuzzy, vulnerable side of Mrs. Botwin, so this was interesting.

The Opening Credits

This wasn’t the most creative opener we’ve seen, and it moved a little fast. It involved meat being sliced and put onto a plate. It didn’t even make me hungry, what’s with that? Did I become a vegetarian without realizing it?

Nancy (And Silas)

She’s secured a job with Doug, and he’s already started to rely on her to do everything for him sort of wiping his ass. The real meat of her story revolved around having to find a character witness and go out to a custody trial in California. Rather than pick Shane, she asks Silas to come along and testify on her behalf. Silas finds himself in a pickle when he doesn’t have very nice things to say about his Mom, although when push comes to shove he remembers a few key things that show Nancy as a pretty decent Mom. But while Silas is fixing things, Nancy was making trouble for herself by going to her sister’s house and trying to get in to see her son. Jill is being a huge, evil cockroach and not letting this happen. Nancy did hurl her purse over their gate and try to climb in, but fairly easily gave up on that plan. I think she really could have made it over the gate and doubt it was the threat of cops that was stopping her. I think that normally Nancy would have done more to see her son in that moment.

Her other main problem is that she has no weed supply. She decides to drive with Silas to an old friends house, which gives us flashbacks to Weeds season 1, and an entirely different world. It’s totally fun, and I’m excited about this and what other characters we might get out of the deal.

Doug and Shane

Neither of this characters had too much progress in this episode so I’m grouping them together in order for them not to feel lonely. Shane decided to get into a criminology class, which is certainly an interesting choice for him. Meanwhile, Doug revealed that she sees words in colors and that’s how he’s ever able to get work done. And while he (gasp) worked, he saw problems with the books. As it turns out, the company is cooking the books, which is to say, they’re doing some highly illegal things. And, as I predicted, Doug does seem posed to be the fall guy. He just doesn’t realize it.


Oh, poor Andy. His polyamorous relationship was going so well until the older gentleman nearly died in his arms. For as weird as that couple was, they may have been some of the sweetest characters ever to grace an episode of Weeds. Andy has decided this relationship isn’t for him, which is sad but fitting. I think he is afraid of getting attached to new people given how often they hurt him. He’s all squishy and vulnerable inside, you know.

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