Holy polyamorous relationship, Batman! A particular scene in the Weeds episode “A Hole in Her Niqab” definietly stood out as provocative and stranger than half of the crazy shit we’ve seen on Weeds. And that’s sayin’ a mouthful (of hotdog*.)

The Opening Credits

A copy machine may not be the most interesting opener they’ve done, but they made it more interesting than I would have done it since it’s so hot and I’m lazy. My point? Every week Weeds proves to me that this is a creative show worth watching. It’s smart and weird and crazy. I wouldn’t date this show, but I would friend it hardcore.


Her 80’s interview outfits continue to impress me, although this dress seemed pretty short, didn’t it? She managed to guilt/scare Doug into giving her a job where he just got a job. It’s the circle of life. And Nancy is a predator. She found out there was a drug dealer for the building, then outed him so she could move in on his business. I thought she was just going to hire him, boy was I wrong.

I don’t care about Stevie as much as I should. Nancy cares, or at least wants to spite her sister enough to care. I mean, the honest truth is that Stevie would be better with Jill. But Nancy is working with a lawyer (Martin Short!) who took her case on pro-bono, and she wants her kid back. Chances don’t look good, but Nancy seems to have good luck. I really loved how she manipulated the lawyer, she’s a great con woman.

I’m also on a major high, loving on Mary-Louise Parker after I saw she was quoted that the reason she didn’t get a chance to visit with Wills and Kate is that Jennifer Lopez pushed her aside. Yea, don’t be bullied!

Oh, and how could I forget to mention Jill’s twin girls who’ve grown up into such fine young ladies? That was a highlight of the episode.


Hunter Parrish is aging and that makes me realize that I’m aging and, oh man. But Silas managed to have his funniest moment of Season 7 so far by outing a drug dealer by shouting something about the DEA. It was kind of sexy, how confident and capable he was, not giving a flying fig… so, yea. Hunter Parrish may be aging, but he’s only getting sexier. And the brunette works for him.

Meanwhile, he’s saying a lot about not letting his Mom (sorry, “Nancy”) boss him around, but he’s still relenting. They’re in business together, I guess. I have no idea why Nancy didn’t explain to Silas why she needed money fast, I think that might have helped things along. Silas has a knack for selling and making connections, so he’d probably have done well in business school.

The problem with the weed is that now there’s a huge demand, but their supply has dried up due to a bombing. The entire scene about this was…weird. I want to say that it was weird in an intellectual, cool way – but mostly I just think it didn’t play out that well.


This dude is adorable. He took his college loan and bought furniture to re-create his parents Agrestic bedroom. Guess he really is still just a kid.


He’s inadvertently ended up as part of a polyamorous relationship. The scene where the dying, older man is reading a book in bed while Andy goes down on the wife…yea, it was weird. I guess polygamy isn’t weird enough anymore now that Big Love’s had its run.


He’s taking steroids to be good at the firm’s baseball team. He’s smoking weed. And he considers Nancy family. I’m glad Kevin Nealon is still along for this ride.

*You get this reference if you watched the episode, otherwise you probably think I’m losing my marbles. My marbles are …none of your business, actually! And now I want to watch Hook.

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