For all the surprises that Weeds gives us, it turns out Nancy Botwin might not be all that unpredictable. She just always beelines for the worst decision possible. And it’s not endearing at all – yack. C’mon Pants!

Weeds Season 7 “From Trauma Cometh Something” Recap

The opening credits

The credits take place on a subway, utilizing a zippered hoodie and a seat. These are always creative, and this was no exception.


She took off for a job interview in clothing straight from the 80’s. I really loved the details of that outfit, including those opaque, shiny nylons that I used to see older women wearing. Right before she leaves, she sees that her family has tracked her down. I think it was interesting that Silas made eye contact with her, said nothing, and let her leave – almost like a silent test. Guess what Nancy, you failed! Nancy was busy trying to arrange a barter of grenades for weed with Zoya’s brother, but not before she went to a job interview for a lamp repair opportunity. I don’t know about you, but when I have a broken lamp I tend to just get a new one. Boom, it’s easy! Nancy samples the product because she’s nervous about seeing her family. When she does arrive back at the halfway house, she outs herself for having done some drugs and is ushed off to take a drug test. Also noteable is that she dislikes her roommate and has no trouble standing up to her. But I don’t think Nancy has changed all that much. I don’t mean that she hasn’t changed her old ways, I mean that she doesn’t seem all that more rough or violent or anything. She’s being pretty careless, and I do think that a fresh-from-jail person would be more restrained, but I could be wrong on that since a lot of criminals do seem to head back to jail.


He’s getting a modeling storyline, which is nice since Hunter Parrish has become quite the looker. Oh, yes, I noticed. Don’t pretend you didn’t. I like how much of his character we saw revealed when he was trying to get an agent. He is a very genuine guy. The agent was typical New York, and a very fun character.

Andy and Shane

This duo spent the episode trying to be detectives about Nancy’s life, and learning that Nancy will probably be very different now. I think it’s sweet how desperate Andy is, although I’m pretty sure Nancy will always take him for granted.


He met up with an envious old friend who seemed interested in giving him a job. I know his “Wow, it looks like your life is awesome”  position well. From the outside everything seems like peaches and gravy, or whatever. But Doug knows the truth of his situation. Only someone as dumb as he could luck into another amazing second chance – which I think is coming his way in the next episode.

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