It takes balls to be a woman, ain’t that the truth? Elizabeth Cook knows how to sing about it, and Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) demonstrates it. In the Weeds episode “Vehement v. Vigorous” Nancy takes a few risks that pay off, and a few that don’t.

Weeds Season 7 Music

Song: “Sometimes it Takes Balls to Be a Woman” by Elizabeth Cook. Visit Elizabeth Cook’s website HERE.

Significance of the Lyrics:

Nancy’s working in a man’s world, and most of them think they can crush her (like the guys at work, her halfway house dude, you get the picture) but it might just be a female that takes Nancy down next. It was a surprise to see her former cell mate had been released from jail, no?

“Sometimes it takes balls to be a woman
Standing up to a test, while wearing a party dress
Sometimes looks can be deceiving when you’re quietly over-achieving.”

I especially love that the song choice here was for a country crooner, since they’re often about spurned love. Nancy hasn’t really had an active love life, but one might be crashing in for her now.


All music in the episode:

“Perfect Day” by Harlan T. Bobo
“Sometimes it takes Balls to be a Woman” by Elizabeth Cook

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