At the end of every Weeds episode is a terrific song that I have always personally ended up humming the next day, searching for it on Youtube, and generally just adoring the hell out of it until the next episode of Weeds gives me a new song fixation. Rather than do this in private, I’m coming out to share the process with you. I’ll go over the lyrics, provide you with the song name, video, etc. It’s a virtual party, except there’s no one vomiting on the lawn.  At least not on my lawn, I don’t know what you’ve got going on over there…

Weeds season 7 doesn’t deviate from the standard plan of having a kickass song bookend each episode. For those of you wondering “what is the song at the end of the Weeds episode “Bags”?” the answer is: “Who Am I to Feel so Free.”

Song: “Who Am I to Feel So Free?” by Men

Significance of the Lyrics:  While there are lots of great bits and pieces, but the chorus is what hits you the hardest. It employs the phrase: Who am I to feel so free? (WHO AM I?) Nancy has just been released from prison, but it seems she’s not free from a life of crime if the bag of grenades is any indication. Can you ever really cut the ties that band you? What about all of your baggage? Could Nancy’s life ever really have a reboot button? And why should Nancy be taking such risks when she could easily go back to jail? I like the line about, “no existence without strife” since every episode of Weeds drops a huge bombshell, and there’s really never an easy moment in Nancy’s life. Another line of the lyrics that sticks out is, “who how what why I feel so free I could never die” as I’ve often thought Nancy was careless and acted indestructible. She gets caught up in the high of a moment and doesn’t often think about consequences.

All music in the episode:

“Laekker (Mitch D Remix)” by Nik and Jay
“Soy” by Francis Ndoumbe
“Who Am I To Feel So Free” by Men

Listen to the Song:

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