Powerful women need powerful songs. That’s just how it works. Early on in Weeds season 7, Nancy Botwin needed a powerful anthem. In the episode “From Trauma Cometh Something” she found it in the song “Dead and Gone” by The Ettes.

Weeds Season 7 Music

Song: “Dead and Gone” by The Ettes. You can visit The Ettes website: HERE. The band is made out of spam. Just kidding. Why is spam even on my mind? I’ve never eaten it, I swear. Anyway, in the band is Lindsay “Coco” Hames, Maria “Poni” Silver, and Jeremy “Jem” Cohen.

Significance of the Lyrics: “And when you sleep, don’t close your eyes. That’s when you’ll get your big surprise.” It’s like the show is trying to warn us that Nancy is unstable. When the song says, “I’m dead and gone. I’m buried deep,” it seems as though it could be referring to Nancy’s life prior to jail. But all of those good things, she’s letting them go. Shes’ going to immerse herself even farther into the criminal world, no matter what.


All music in the episode:
“Dead and Gone” by The Ettes

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