Heylia James is no friend of Nancy Botwin’s! But okay, maybe just a little… Maybe.

The defining song at the end of the Weeds episode “Fingers Only Meat Banquet” where Nancy and Silas approach a pissed-off Heylia is called “My Friend” feat. E1Ten & Michael Clip Payne by Baskerville. And it’s pretty damn catchy. It’s both upbeat and edgy. So, listen to it already.

Weeds Season 7 Music

Song: “My Friend” feat. E1Ten & Michael Clip Payne by Baskerville. Check out their website: HERE. I love their sense of humor. On Youtube they posted a comment on their own video that says, “Ok, for everybody who does like talentless music made by homeless people. Please like our Facebook page and stay in the know. Thanks for checking out our music!”

Significance of the Lyrics: “Hello my friend, where have you been? Hello my friend, long time no see. Hello my friend, how have you been? It’s been a long time…but we both understand that once friends, friends ’till the end.” Nancy wants certain people like Heylia to honor friendships even if she’s all but forgotten about them. Who can you trust, and who’s really a friend? It’s a good question to ask.


All music in the episode:
“Inner Peace” by FCD
“My Friend” feat. E1Ten & Michael Clip Payne by Baskerville

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