Trouble, thy name is Nancy Botwin! And, well, all of those random aliases she had. In Weeds “A Hole in Her Niqab” we weren’t sure of the exact song until a good Samaritan commented to let us know that it’s The diplomats of solid sound feat. The Diplomettes – “Trouble Me.” Let us trouble you for a moment so that you can listen to this great song.

Weeds Season 7 Music

Song: “Trouble Me” by The diplomats of solid sound feat. The Diplomettes

Significance of the Lyrics: It’s all about letting a bad influence into your life. And hey, it’s also about trouble. Which Nancy Botwin always has a lot of. The music here is seductive, which is perfect for a cast of characters that seem to crave trouble, no matter how much they might say they would like to deny it entrance into their life. So, they get all troubled, blah blah, an then they complain. Yup. Pretty much. But don’t we all?

Other music in the episode:

“Off Our Backs” by Men
“HDM – Fizzy Yum Yum” by Stuporhero

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