I know most of the lyrics were too hard to catch, so I’m here to catch you up on the Weeds music from the most recent episode of season 7. (Plus, music from a couple other episodes not written about on our TV blog yet.) We’ll have a comprehensive Weeds season 7 music guide for you guys by the end of the season.

Weeds Season 7 Music

Song: “In the Future” by Bushwalla

Significance of  Lyrics: “In the future, things will be better. In the future, we will live brighter. In the future, you will be me. In the future, we’ll all come to see.” The lyrics demonstrate the different viewpoints of what a perfect, ideal future means to Nancy and Silas. And, of course, on this TV show the future always feels shaky so it’s just a really good song on the whole.


Other Weeds Music in this episode:

“Bridge” by Amon Tobin (Really cool jazz)

Weeds Music Guide Catch-Up:

Weeds 708 Synthetics
“Bajo Sextoy” by Clorofila
“The Man With The Red Face” by Laurent Garnier

Weeds 709 Cats! Cats! Cats!
“Shivering Fawn” by Fruit Bats

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