The Weeds season 7 finale aired tonight. And because of that cliffhanger, I know you want to talk about the episode!

Weeds Recap

Graffiti Coffin

Andy got an unusual funeral invitation, and brought Silas along. The funeral itself? Pretty damn unusual. And in using this theme for the opening, we are invited to the season 7 finale episode of Weeds by seeing a coffin being spray painted with the title and creator.

“Are we being home invasion robbed?” – Jill

Poor, hapless Jill Price-Gray is a bitch. But she’s kind an unintentionally funny bitch. Her life and world is so small.

Why Jill wants Custody

Despite thinking Jill is sad and bitchy, we got to learn why she wanted custody. It came in a couple layers. Jill is sad that her life sucks and she likes babies, and likes that they give her life a purpose. She also knows she’s a decent Mom, and is aware that Nancy isn’t. When it comes to who can provide the best environment for Stevie, it’s obvious that it’s Jill. And Jill is being responsible and mature (for once) in pointing this out. Nancy is selfish to think she is going to raise a kid as a single Mom fresh from jail, while operating a drug business. Nancy is so eager to get rid of Shane and Silas, you have to wonder why she wants Stevie so much. Just so that Jill doesn’t have them?

“Oh no, I lost the rape contest.” – Nancy

There are always great quotes in Weeds episodes, and I usually highlight quotes by Andy. But this quote by Nancy is so very, very Nancy. She has balls. She’s blunt. She doesn’t shy away from anything. And she’s sarcastic and funny.

The Shot

We can’t have the season end without something tragic! Now we have to wonder if Nancy was really shot, and who shot at her. Share your theories! Check this tv blog for a list of possible suspects.


  • The song at the end of Weeds was perfect. “In the end we’re all doomed. Even if you’re living on the moon.” Doomed by Brent Amaker and the Rodeo visit their site here.
  • 2 Months Later, Connecticut. Looks like we’re back in Agrestic. Kinda. Only now it’s a plantation of pot.
  • Police Academy Shane – What will his Mother think?! Usually a Mom would adore this kind of thing. Methinks Nancy Botwin might be adverse.
  • “My Mama’s a Francophile, bitch.” – Pierre
  • Mimes at a Funeral. Andy seems like he’s not over a certain lady (Lindsay Sloane.) Do you think we’ll see her in Weeds season 8?
  • Do her, don’t do her. Yea, that’s an imaginative game.

What are your theories that will help us uncover Weeds Season 8 Spoilers?