Now that you’ve seen the Weeds season 7 ep, “Game-Played” it’s time to ask ourselves the tough questions. Like, is Andy starting to look pathetic?

Weeds review questions:

  1. Is Doug just uber lucky, or was that easy job-get suspicious in your eyes, too? Is he going to take the fall for something?
  2. Will Andy carry a torch for Nancy as long as the show airs?
  3. Even if Andy loves him some Nancy, do you think he’ll start dating the character that Lindsay Sloane is playing? She’s a fun actress to have around.
  4. Will Shane actually get into college? What would he even major in?
  5. Can Jill find a way to adopt Stevie legally?
  6. What job will Nancy get, or will she just lie about that?
  7. Will Nancy ever end up back in jail?

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