How are you at wearing super ironic 80’s power suits? In the Weeds season 7 episode 2 Nancy (while conservatively dressed for a job interview) disappointed me by defaulting back to the drug business.

Below are some review questions for after you’ve seen the Weeds episode “From Trauma Cometh Something.”

  1. Why do you suppose Nancy wants back in the drug business? She could trade the grenades for money, but instead wants the weed to sell. Is this just because she likes being a businesswoman? Yack.
  2. Will Doug go back to a suit-and-tie existence?
  3. Why did Silas dye his hair brunette and change his last name?
  4. Won’t Zoya’s brother be mad at Nancy for cutting his sister out of a deal?
  5. Will Nancy just get a strike or be sent back to jail when she fails her drug test?

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