On Weeds season 7 episode 11 Silas is trying to make things work with Emma, but she’s not really feeling it. meanwhile, the Hamptons seem like a good idea! And why not, don’t we deserve some fun?

WEEDS Season 7 Episode 11 – “Une Mére Que J’aimerais Baiser”

Weeds Episode Guide – Written By: Roberto Benabib & Matthew Salsberg Directed By: Eric Jewett Special Guest Star: Michelle Trachtenberg Guest Star: Michael Harney. Network: Showtime. In an attempt to further expand her business, Nancy (MARY-LOUISE PARKER) follows Doug (KEVIN NEALON) and Andy (JUSTIN KIRK) to East Hamptons for the weekend. Meanwhile, Silas (HUNTER PARRISH) tries to win Emma (MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG) back after having a rough business fallout, and Detective Ouellette (MICHAEL HARNEY) brings Shane (ALEXADER GOULD) along on a drug bust. Une Mere Que j’aimeras Baiser – MILF!

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