Which Botwin is the real problem solver? Two weeks ago on Weeds, Nancy and Silas were both trying to solve problems on their own. But who came out on top? And how does Nancy know French so well? Let’s recap the highlights of Weeds season 7 episode 11 “Une Mere Que J’aimerais Baiser.”

  • The Weeds intro this week was a can of Cola. Except it was definitely Coke, not Pepsi. I wonder about the copyright stuff on this and if they had to pay to use it. Or was it juuust vague enough? Either way, there was too much ice in that glass. You should never order your soda with ice because it’s (almost always) already cold and the ice just melts it and gives you less of the product! /end rant.
  • I loved the juxtaposition of the scene where Silas is talking about his Dad’s and Emma asks him if he’s ever considered therapy – and then seeing Silas bring up Pilar and Nancy shut him down and instruct him never to talk about that. And hey, he probably shouldn’t blab about how he killed a high ranking official in Mexico, but maybe he needs to talk about it to his Mom?
  • Andy’s rant about losing his virginity after playing Clue with Mrs. Peacock with the lead pipe in the ball room really reveals how dirty that game is. Parents, beware!
  • The gang going to the Hamptons was brill (which is short for “brilliant” and I’m not hip enough to pull off teen lingo, huh?) They were so out of their environment except, hey, no they weren’t. It was full of yuppies and it was, in many ways, similar to the suburbs like Agrestic. The outfits were a bonus. Who wants to rock a tennis outfit? Pastel on pastel action is always a crowd pleaser. I know that I want to look like a walking Easter egg.

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  • Nancy rebranding her pot was genius. It makes you wonder what you can rebrand in your life to make it sound like you do more than just sit around on the couch playing video games… isn’t that virtual technology research?
  • While it’s hard to believe Andy has never had a Long Island Iced Tea before (he’s been everywhere and done everything) he got drunk on them. And then he groped Nancy – even honked her boob – and confessed his love for her.
  • Raw egg mixed with clamatto and crushed up oreos as a hangover cure? I dare someone to try it.
  • Noodicles? And that’s what you’d buy, fake balls for your dog? Just. No.
  • Footnote war between Nancy and Emma. A little childish, but this side of witty.
  • “Is he really an idiot?” – Emma
    “His teeth are brighter than he is.” – Silas

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