By now you’ve hopefully seen the Weeds season 7 premiere (“Bags”) and also read our Weeds Recap.

  1. It seems that Jill has told Stevie that he’s her son, right? Will Nancy have to fight for custody to win back Stevie? Do you think she’ll win?
  2. Is Esteban really dead? What about Guillermo? Surely there’s someone still left who wants to get Nancy, right?
  3. What is this flower water stuff that Silas is peddling? Where can I buy some? I want to sprinkle my sheets with it and sleep in a enchanting garden of bliss. Or lay there while my insomnia holds me hostage until the sun rises. Whichever. I like flowers.
  4. Why does Nancy need those grenades? Are they worth a lot of money? (Excuse me for not knowing all about bombs and shit.) Will Zoya somehow get released and expect Nancy to share the fruits of this labor?
  5. Has Andy had any girlfriends in the past three years, or has he just been pining for Nancy?
  6. Did Andy, Dough, Silas and Shane all have fake names overseas, or are they no longer wanted? If so, then why did Nancy decide to give Stevie to Jill? Jill may have a nicer house and stability, but at least Andy would never try to steal the baby. I would have wanted Stevie with his brothers.
  7. Why did Nancy pick up a lady lover in jail? Was it a tactic after she learned something (or to stay safe?), or is that just something that you end up doing in jail when you’re bored?
  8. Are Silas’ feelings hurt that Shane hasn’t invited him to go to America?
  9. Are marionettes actually cool in Europe? Is it too late to get on that bandwagon? Because I think I would have a natural talent there…

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