Complications are everywhere as Weeds season 6 begins this August.  Especially considering the whole, “thwack, splash, dead” situation. And yes, that’s how one of the character’s describes the situation in the season 6 premiere episode – which is  appropriately titled “Thwack.”

Your Advance Review of Weeds “Thwack”

As fans already know, the gang goes on the run. But even if leaving seems like the easiest choice, it’s not going to happen smoothly – or in short order.

If the murder scenario wasn’t intense enough on its own, Andy’s girlfriend/fiancee, Audra (Alanis Morissette), is still being held by an anti-abortionist with a cross-bow. And if you recall, this is a scene he fled. So, he’s dealing with all sorts of self-worth issues. Because we already know from the trailers that Andy goes on the road with the rest of the Botwin clan without Audra, you need to ask yourself what happens in that Ren Mar house that has Andy willingly leaving the woman he was engaged to.

One of the most interesting dynamics going on in this premiere episode is between the two Botwin brothers, Silas and Shane. More than anyone else, it seems like Silas holds Shane accountable for what he’s done. Silas is arguably the most surprised by those actions. Nancy is certainly shocked, and Andy is shaken… But Silas takes real moral offense to the entire situation. Disappointment in his entire family can be read all over his face. (And you wouldn’t blame him if he took off then and there.) While he used to be able to hold onto the thought that it was his brother and him against the world, or at least against their crazy Mom… suddenly he’s more-or-less alone.

But everyone has to rally, and we have no time for emo whining or legit concerns. The one triumph the Botwin family still has to their name is that they are  loyal. Silas may be bitter, and Andy might know he’d do better on his own, but no one deserts the family.

Because we know that Richard Dreyfus will be a guest star on Weeds this season, it’s especially fun to hear Nancy reference Jaws in this episode. And this is followed-up by a very Jaws-worthy visual scene.

You can get a hold of all the season 6 spoilers you want, but piecing together this puzzle will only be enjoyable if you let the series play out in its own time. The cast has never been in finer form, and the dialogue is (as usual) both compelling and clever. Every scene of the show is a can’t-miss moment.

Overwhelmingly eerie, the final image from the season premiere leaves you greedy for more of this devastatingly dysfunctional family.

Weeds season 6 new Trailer:

Weeds season 6 Behind the Scenes:

Weeds premieres August 16, 10 pm on Showtime. Directly after Weeds is the series premiere of The Big C.