Tonight is the night! The Weeds season 6 finale airs tonight. And I’m just here to get you amped and prepared!

weeds season 6 finale

An unlikely foursome.

Weeds Theoretical Love is Not Dead Episode Synopsis: On WEEDS, the Botwin’s turbulent months on the run lead up to a down-to-the-wire airport showdown with Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker), Esteban (special guest star Demian Bichir) and Guillermo (guest star Guillermo Diaz) over Baby Stevie (Lincoln & Wyatt Wolf). While the flight crew preps the cabin for take-off, Nancy must shake her captors to depart for Copenhagen-via-Paris with Andy (Justin Kirk) and her three sons in tow (and limbs in tact!). But a newly de-Botwin-ed Silas (Hunter Parrish) may stay grounded for a shot at a “normal” suburban life with Lars (guest star Rick Ravanello).

Weeds Theoretical love is Not Dead Preview:

Weeds Theoretical love is Not Dead Preview:

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