Am I just in a good mood, or was the Weeds episode “Dearborn-Again” completely gratifying with a dash of groovy?

In “Dearborn-Again” Nancy has taken her family back to her hometown in Michigan, where mermaid mailboxes (I want one), odd coincidences, and former lovers live. People like to say that Weeds had jumped the shark, just because it changed. But given the business Nancy was in, (and I know that most of us don’t have an intimate knowledge of the drug world, but even so) it seemed inevitable that things would give way to major changes. Despite the location changes and the character growth (and physical growth of the younger actors) I find the show has really stayed consistent in the ways that count.

Consider the characters themselves. Andy is still a wacky, ambitious, (rightfully) paranoid guy with an entrepreneurial spirit. The quotes he had in this episode were fantastic. When he was creating that new drug, that entire scene was perfecto. The major change Andy has had from season 1 to season 6 is his growing loyalty to his family, and an attachment to them all (plus, a crush on Nancy.) And consider Nancy, why don’t we. She’s always been selfish, fast with her words, and confident. Has any of that changed? Nope. Most of us viewed the beginning of the graveyard scene prior to Monday night, and comments on the Youtube video page mentioned how Nancy is seriously a very funny character. And she has always been.

So, let’s talk plotpoints!

Do you think Nancy hooked up with her math teacher? My verdict: Oh, definitely yes!

Do you think the writers of Weeds have a grudge against Skymall? My verdict: Yes. And as much as I’d love a cool scooter, I feel like the show was a mini rant for how bad the customer service is, and thus will  not shop there. Media is powerful!

Do you think Nancy lied about who Silas’ real father was? My verdict: It seems very possible, because that’s just the kind of thing that Nancy does.

Do you think Shane hopes that Silas is, in, fact, his half-brother? My verdict: Completely. All season long he’s been pointing out how he’s so much like Nancy, but Silas is so different. This would validate Shane in all sorts of ways. He always had a close connection to Judah, and I think he’d enjoy lording this over Silas. As supportive as Silas has been, Shane has insecurities that make it important for Shane to make Silas feel bad about himself whenever possible.

Did you totally call that Nancy’s high school friend was actually a spy? My verdict: I suspected he was going to be used for something odd, but only after he wasn’t pictured in the yearbook did I think he was working for someone else.

Will Nancy and the gang make it over the Atlantic? My verdict: No. They can only be on the run for so long, right? Filming to make it look like they’re in Copenhagen would probably be expensive, too.

Have we finally found Doug to be useful? My verdict: Ahaha. In this episode Doug proved useful twice. He remembered the numbers that Andy couldn’t, and he’s good for testing out new drugs.

What’s in the former Math teacher’s locked room? My verdict: This man seems to hold grudges, so I think that, as a postal carrier, he withholds mail from people he dislikes and hides it in that room. That’s my best guess, at least. What’s yours?

What do you think?