Get ready to see the coolest purple car, ever. Weeds season 6 is gearing up for its premiere, and the poster was just released.

Weeds Season 6 Poster

(Oh, Justin Kirk. You are the shiniest one of all.)

We already showed you the kiiiiiller Weeds season 6 promo, so it was about time for a poster. This one reminds me of cowboys, but also mobsters. It’s a cowboy-mobster-Mary-Louise-Parker-in-drug-related-lingerie kind of good time, okay?

The purple car is fun, but they didn’t do it just to be eccentric. Oh, no. It’s likely because purple is the perfect color compliment to yellow (used for the hay, sky and the all important text) on the color wheel.

Weeds season 6 begins August 16th 10pm ET/PT, followed by the premiere of The Big C with Laura Linney.