When’s the last time you ate some butter? No. I mean a LOT of butter…Picture a lot of butter in your head. Now picture that amount doubled, and in the shape of a head. There you go. Now that’s a lot of butter. Do you think Andy and Silas are up to the task of eating it?

In Weeds “Pinwheels and Whirligigs” the gang goes to a fair in Montana. Even though Nancy gives Andy the authority to decide things, she quickly decides the fair is the best decision. The reason for this decision has to do with Judah. And I really like that they finally mentioned him again. What do you think he’d think of where his family is, now? And I don’t mean physically – even though Montana does seem like a pretty weird place… Especially when they have people eating butter to win contests.

Having already seen the episode, I can give you a vague review. I thought it was very insightful how they showed that Nancy and Shane are alike, and Andy and Silas are alike. But, while I think that Silas envies that Shane is so close with his Mom now, I don’t think Shane cares about Andy at all (and this is pretty much proven when in a previous episode Shane tells Nancy to drive off and leave Silas, Andy and Doug behind.) Which is a shame. In earlier seasons of the show, they had more of a bond.

WEEDS “Pinwheels and Whirligigs” – Nancy decides that her family has seen enough gunslinging for a lifetime, so to lighten things up she takes them to a Montana fair. Andy and Silas enter a butter-eating contest while Doug looks after the baby and makes friends with the carneys. Elsewhere, Nancy escorts Shane on a rollercoaster where they stir up some trouble in line. Weeds Season 6 Episode 7

Weeds airs on Mondays at 10 pm on Showtime. The Big C follows at 10:30.