Weeds season 6 has a premiere coming up, are you READY? There’s a promo video that you really should watch. Why is Mary-Louise Parker so damn gorgeous?

This Weeds season 6 promo video has the song “Terrible Things” by April Smith and the Great Picture Show. Because I don’t know a TON about them right now (I am musically uncool!), let’s refer to some official text:

April Smith and the Great Picture Show play sassy pop music heavily influenced by the 30s and 40s, big band and swing, sort of the Andrews Sisters meets Tom Waits. In the summer of 2009, Smith sought to raise $10,000 from her fans to record and release her new record Songs For A Sinking Ship via Kickstarter.com, a fundraising site for artists and creative types. In only 2 months, she exceeded her goal, raising over $13,000 in pledges. The result is a sultry yet inspirational record that perfectly represents Smith’s range with songs varying from cheeky numbers to heartbroken ballads.

We have a MP3 of the new song “Colors” that you can download for free. “Colors” MP3

Weeds Season 6 Teaser Promo:

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