Let’s see. Let’s just see here. Weeds season 6 has a guest cast list literally (okay, perhaps not literally) a mile long, and we’re fans of every single one of those names. (We worship some of them, whatever, it’s no big deal!)

The Weeds season 6 poster is fun, and indicates a road trip is in the works. We also tend to leave town after we accidentally murder important Mexican officials. Not that we really do that. Seriously. But IF we ever found ourselves in that position, we SO wouldn’t stick around. (We’ve seen enough movies to know!) And yes, this caption is long!

Some of the people you’ll remember from the previous season, such as Alanis Morissette and Jennifer Jason Leigh. And we just reported how Richard Dreyfus will appear. But we forgot to mention you’ll also see Linda Hamilton, Peter Stormare and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Is there anyone who won’t be on Weeds this year? Elizabeth Perkins, who has been a series regular but is not returning. Sad face!

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The Weeds season 6 air date is August 16th at 10 pm pt/et only on Showtime.