I’ve seen the Weeds season 6 finale, and now it’s time to tease you all with some spoilers. I know, I’m sooo cruel!

weeds season 6 poster

Was the finale good, decent, or hardly passable? It will blow you out of the water, or whatever cliche phrase you’d like to use. It was astounding.

Please elaborate. I laughed and got teary. It gave the full spectrum of emotional entertainment.

Does the Weeds season 6 finale leave you hungry for season 7? Very, very, very much so.

Will we know who Silas’s Dad is? Yes, you will learn this.

Title of the season 6 finale, and what does it mean? “Theoretical Love Is Not Dead.” I believe it is something one of the main characters says prior to the words, “Good to know that…” As you know, theoretical deals with the abstract, and theories. So we’re talking about possible love without any practical considerations or restraints.

What happens to the character that Richard Dreyfuss played? Ah, the crazy Warren Schiff. I don’t want to give too much away, but I can say that while he may not be around all that much longer, he has a significant role in the finale, as well as a very significant moment with Nancy.

The actor Eric Lange who played Ellis Tate is in the finale? Yes, but in an nontraditional sort of way.

When is the Weeds Season 6 finale date? November 15, 2010

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