Hopefully you’re already enjoying the National Weeds Awareness Week, but there’s also a brand new episode of Weeds season 6 tonight. The episode is called “To Moscow, and Quickly.”

When Avi gets sick (neon green poo is the indicator), Nancy realizes it’s harder to live off the grid than she’d anticipated. Am I going to be the one to say that it miraculous she even remembers that she has a baby?

Meanwhile, Silas and Shane are sent out to sell hash at what they think is a concert for Phish and Dave Matthews. But it turns out it’s a kiddie concert. Which might be okay. What’s less okay is that Silas is getting fed up with Shane’s new attitude and decides to teach him a lesson.

If I were Silas I’d feel pretty justified in slapping my little brother.  Even when I think I can understand why Shane killed Pilar (she was threatening him and his family), his attitude afterward has shown even more of a pretty deplorable personality.

And I know they say it’s predictable to blame mothers, but my theory is that Shane decided to step up and be “badass” because that’s what their family needed. And why did their family need that? Because Nancy put her family into this world. It was inevitable for someone to become this corrupted.  Who’da thunk it would be the youngest of them all? It’s all kind of tragic… But, hey, uh… balloons!*

* There are no balloons.  Not a one.

Weeds airs Mondays at 10 pm on Showtime. The Big C follows at 10:30.