Tonight is a new episode of Weeds on Showtime. And it brings us the guest star of Mark Paul Gosselaar. I had a chance to watch this episode already, and didn’t recognize him at first. The episode is called “Gentle Puppies”, and it’s a can’t-miss.

Weeds “Gentle Puppies” Synopsis -After acquiring an RV, Nancy lets Andy navigate the road and he leads them to Pioneer Town, a former western movie set now turned off-the-grid scab city. While Nancy attempts to get the lay of the land, she instructs the family to set up a mobile hash making shop inside the RV. Andy and Silas work on getting laundry machines while Doug and Shane try to obtain water. Weeds season 6 episode 8.

Weeds airs Mondays at 10 pm on Showtime. The Big C follows at 10:30.