Can you believe we’re on Weeds season 6 episode 5? Tonight’s episode is called Boomerang. The synopsis completely explains what happened at the end of Bliss, so that was a tiny disappointment. (What can I say, my fear is gone! Nancy Botwin aka Nathalie aka the gorgeous Mary-Louise Parker is an unstoppable force!)

Weeds Boomerang Episode Synopsis: WEEDS “Boomerang” Season 6 Episode 5 – At the risk of being tracked to their booted minivan, Nancy and Andy decide the family must split town. Consequently, Silas must leave behind the dream of college life. Meanwhile, Shane provokes a mommy group. Elsewhere, Cesar and Ignacio are hot on Nancy’s trail with their hostage, Doug, in tow.

Weeds airs on Mondays at 10 pm on Showtime. The Big C follows at 10:30.