In the Weeds season 5 finale, Shane Botwin killed Pillar with a croquet mallet. Now that Weeds season 6 has begun, we see that Shane isn’t freaked out at all. He’s very cool about it – as a cucumber, even.

Alexander Gould as Shane Botwin (Season 6: episode 2) - Photo: Jordin Althaus/SHOWTIME

While we all feel shock at how much the actor who plays Shane (Alexander Gould) as grown up, in other ways Shane (the character) hasn’t changed all that incredibly much.

In Weeds season 1, Shane exhibits all sorts of dangerous behavior.Do you remember when he sold those “Chris is Our Savior” T-shirts? That was just him being misguided. But what about when he shot a mountain lion (oops! not a coyote), camped out on the roof with a gun for hours? That was also misguided, and while Celia was quick to point out that young kids who kill small animals grow up to be axe murderers – Shane was partly just protecting the area like he Dad would have done.

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But then there were the even more serious problems that Shane had. Stealing his brother’s lighter was a small crime, but using it to set a prop bush on fire in school was arson. And who can forget the video Shane made with him as a terrorist who used clever editing to chop someone’s head off?

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By season five, with everything that had happened to Shane (including getting shot and being moved into Mexico) it’s not hard to believe that when his life is threatened he takes action.