You can read this Weeds review as soon as you promise me to lay off the Ambien!

hunter parrish

Hunter Parrish as Silas Botwin (Season 8: episode 4) - Photo: Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME

  • First off, I have to mention how much I love the new opening on Weeds. It’s a great callback to have those musical covers, but it’s still very fresh. My favorite part? The mermaid mailbox. I love weird mailboxes. And I remember it very well! It’s a good landmark memory association…thingy.
  • Naked mole rat? Cool. But I feel bad for Nancy, seeing her old life being lived out by Andy and Jill. Ouch.
  • Shane could (and totally will, eventually) bust Silas. And that’s messed up. Man. I love it, because Silas has always been the “good one” but now he is being forced into a different role. He knows he’s guilty.

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  • Kiku aka Kat Foster is a lot of fun. I wish her show with Zachary Levi had been picked up!
  • 1960’s surfing movies. “Do you play ping pong.” I love RJ! I don’t, however, have any where near the passion that dude has for California.
  • I hate how Jill is coming between Andy and Nancy. He wants to cook the squid thing! Let him! (I also love how organized their kitchen is with the clear boxes for cereal and granola.) Even though Jill says things like “I grown up like you” I still don’t like her with Andy. Not to say I love Andy with Nancy. I think he needs someone totally different.
  • Shane with the cameras on his laptop… yet another callback to season 1 of Weeds!
  • Jill’s power struggle with the dimetapp make me hate her even more.
  • Judah. Oh, oh, my heart.
  • Loved how Andy went to console Nancy. Also loved how Nancy took Stevie for a midnight swim. And that the neighbor was okay with it when he saw it wasn’t two teens boning.
  • It’s fun to have little suburban problems (like dog shit) coming back to bother the Botwins.

Weeds season 8 quotes:

“That was the most artfully noncommittal phrase ever.”

“He can’t prove shit about shit.”

“Are you having a playdate?”

“I’d change my name to Vladimir.”

“What’s next, you gonna frisk the sink?”