Last week’s episode of Weeds gave us one hell of a tremendous cliffhanger. Considering all we’ve been through with the Botwins, I didn’t know things could get any more crazy. I was lucky enough to be able to watch tonight’s episode early, so I didn’t have to wait to see what happened next. A Shoe for a Shoe picks up exactly where Boomerang left off – with a chaotic volcano erupting in every damn direction.

Look for: Nancy leaving Esteban some very interesting messages about her thoughts on the importance of Mom’s vs. Dad’s, a callback to Silas’ ex-girlfriend Megan, veiled references to Showtime’s Dexter, actress Katie Micucci, “Pittsburgh” as an important word, Cesar’s strange wife and the general pointlessness of Doug that will finally start to be redeemed in the next couple of episodes as he’s used as a babysitter and we see him in a penguin costume.

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