Watch The Voice online now. We have The Voice – Episode 1 (Blind Auditions) ready for you to watch.

Watch last night’s premiere online now: HERE.

Make sure to watch and  learn which artists were chosen by these star coaches! And once you’ve viewed The Voice, let us know who your favorite auditions were!

More Discussion Questions

Who do you like more a a host: Ryan Seacrest, Nick Lachey or Carson Daly?

Who’s your favorite singing diva: Christina Aguilera or Jennifer Lopez?

Which show is more entertaining to watch: American Idol, The Sing-Off, The Voice?

Chair Problems: Will those chairs ever malfunction?

Tweeting about Adam Levine: Was everyone tweeting about Adam Levine last night because he’s so cute (and we forgot), so hilarious (and we never knew) or because he was the pickiest judge?

Your favorite judge on The Voice? Which judge would you pick?