Bye-Bye to Naomi Campbell on this week’s episode of The Rachel Zoe Project! Of course, we’ll still be dealing with impossibly high standards of impossibly perfect fashion people. But that’s the show people! Don’t forget to watch Zoe tonight, August 24th on Bravo.

Rachel Zoe and the team encounter a few problems during NYC’s Fashion Week. There’s crazy fans (who want to know where Taylor is, gasp!) and horrible traffic. Will Rachel Zoe make it to the Michael Kors show to sit in her front row seat? Though the stress is probably killing Zoe, and sometimes you can take things (like fashion) too seriously – I really admire Zoe’s commitment to professionalism. Even though she’s established, she never wants to coast on her loins or blow things off. She’s a workaholic, and I can respect that.

Meanwhile, Rodger and Rachel are celebrating their anniversary. I don’t envy Rodger – he never gets to see his wife!

Video after the jump.