They clean up well, don't they?

Tina Fey was amazing last night on SNL. Justin Bieber was also there…and I just updated my Justin Bieber Twitter controversy post. It kind of makes me laugh at how that all played out. I’m sure if I was younger maybe I would care…so I don’t want to outright insult his fans…especially because they clearly have major power (scary) from being such a large group. It’s kind of like a Bieber religion. So, whatever floats your boat…

Meanwhile, if you missed SNL last night, or just want to re-watch some of the skits, I have them here for you to watch. The show started off great, and kind of declined. For an FYI, the best skits are as followed: Sarah Palin Network, Masters, Brownie Husband, Update: Women’s News & Teacher. In that order, almost. I’m not really keen on Aunt Linda, meh. But Tina Fey was amazing – her impersonations are dead-on no matter who they have her do. She commits fully to whatever she’s doing, and that’s what helps make it funny. Too many people who host SNL (even comic actors and actresses) hold back and you can see them nervous, and it affects the performance. Granted, Fey has more experience on the show. But she’s just wonderful. If she wasn’t already so busy, I’d tell her to start a blog and a magazine and a talkshow and a brand of shoes and…

Watch Tina Fey & Justin Bieber on SNL:

Sarah Palin Network

Obama Census Cold Open


Brownie Husband

Update Favorites: 4/10/10

Update: Aunt Linda

Update: The Devil

Update: Women’s News


Ruff, Rugger & Roker


School Dance


Backstage: Tina Fey & Justin Bieber Promo

Backstage: Boombox