life unexpected

First, something unrelated. See the picture up there? We have another one we used first – it’s the same picture except for two alterations. Firstly it had the CW logo, but secondly we cropped it badly by mistake and there ended up being a black streak in the upper left hand section. And now when I go searching for LUX pictures, I keep finding it on different sites. It makes me chuckle.

So, what stood out for me in Life Unexpected “Turtle Undefeated”? I’m wondering how long they’ll be able to pull off these cutsey episode titles season after season before they run out of relevant ones. But that’s neither here nor there. My favorite moment of the episode was early on when Baze’s Dad is at the bar, all disgruntled. He asks what events Baze has planned, and Baze replies “turtle races”. It’s all in the delivery of those two words – and it was adorable. Ungh, I love Kristoffer Polaha (note: I have edited this sentence to keep it from being dirty, hehe).

  • Way, way sick of Lux’s hat. I know that usually I’m for the re-using of fashion items on TV shows. But that hat bugs me. And later on she was in that hooded jacket? It’s like her head (Brittany Robertson‘s)  is just too tiny for things!
  • Turtle races are cute and I would go to one, but if you put a plastic hat over a turtle doesn’t that start to limit their ability to breathe!?!!?
  • Lux was so oblivious to Cate’s pain about handbag fun (Hey, I like to shop if someone else is paying…), needing a place for a party, needing money…. I understand she might not know to call if she’s not home before midnight, but I can’t forgive how oblivious she otherwise is. She’s not 12!