life unexpected

Life Unexpected: It’s the sincerely substantial show that TV fans have been hungrily waiting to appreciate.

If you find that you just can’t wait to watch Life Unexpected, then I have a gift for you. You don’t have to! I mean, waiting is so lame and boring, you know? The CW has teamed up with UStream and Facebook to let you watch the first ten minutes of the show before it ever airs on TV.

You can start watching as of January 11th, 2010. If you watch the preview within the first 24 hours that it goes live, you’ll be able to post comments of what you think of the show. It’s a great way to whet your whistle. As someone who has seen the first three episodes, let me encourage you to give this show a watch. More than that, encourage your friends (of all ages and BOTH genders) to give it a chance. Life Unexpected is the sincerely substantial show fans have been hungrily waiting to enjoy. We’re glad The CW is bringing back a little of the ‘Old Skool’ WB to us. As someone who watches a lot of TV I can tell you that this is the kind of show you absorb like a sponge and then rewatch as soon as you get a chance.

For fellow TV fans who grew up in Roswell, Sunnydale, Stars Hollow and Everwood – this is what you’ve been craving.

Fans who catch the Life Unexpected preview during the first 24 hours will be able to provide comments live as they watch the video. After the first 24-hour window, viewers will still be able to watch the sneak preview and read the commentary posted by those first day fans.