crash-starzA new episode of Crash (based on the academy award winning film of the same name) airs this Friday at 10 p.m. on Starz. But because you guys are very lucky @ Small Screen Scoop, you can watch Crash online before it even airs! (But you have to provide your own snacks.)

The Los Angeles Times called the show, “Politically and socially ambitious”. One of the Crash stars is Dennis Hopper, which has got to be reason enough to watch the show right there.

Crash Season 2 “You I’ll Be Following”:

Former record producer Ben Cendars (Dennis Hopper) and his driver Anthony Adams (Jocko Sims) force a confrontation with entertainment lawyer Wesley Thigpen (Michael Nouri) to get the information they need. Billionaire Seth Blanchard (Eric Roberts) moves into an eco-friendly loft where he announces a dramatic venture for the future betterment of Los Angeles, then arranges a romantic evening with his wife Maggie Cheon (Linda Park), who reveals her own news for the future of their marriage.

Season one of Crash on DVD is now available, and we’ll be offering prize packs (with the DVD) on the TV blog Small Screen Scoop soon!