MTV’s Awkward is a show that I’ve said is more than watchable, it’s addictive. If you haven’t gotten on board yet, let me tell you why you should.

Things to love about Awkard on MTV

  • Jenna’s room on Awkward shows her teenage angst, her creative and rebellious spirit, and it’s not cookie cutter. The lights behind the bed are inspired and I guarantee you that somewhere there’s a teen trying to copy this bedroom look.
  • Jenna Hamilton is an anti-hero. We root for her and know how great she is, even if no one else in her life seems to think she’s good enough. We all probably feel like the anti-hero of our own lives. It’s nice to see a reflection of that. This show isn’t about super popular and rich girls. It’s about an outcast.
  • The actress who plays Jenna is Ashley Rickards and she is endearing in a Amber Tamblyn as Joan of Arcadia kind of way. Plus, her voice is subtly ssassy and ironic, and works well for voiceovers.

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  • Nikki DeLoach as Lacey Hamilton (Jenna’s Mom) is a crackup, and maybe sometimes a crackpot. Trivia: This actress was in The Net 2.0! As a brunette she looks like Erin Karpluk of Being Erica fame. However, her voice reminds me of Dead Like Me’s Cynthia Stevenson. But I wouldn’t trade her in for anyone else. She’s fantastic.
  • Molly Tarlov is the “evil” Sadie Saxton. I’m pretty sure I saw her in an episode of Mad Men season 1. And her voice reminds me of Cher’s in Clueless. She plays manipulative so, so well. And I think it’s nice that a plus size girl is one of the popular ones, because so often people assume that just can’t happen. But it did in my HS and that girl as a total — uh, moving on. Molly Tarlov looks a lot like Lindsay Shaw. Trivia: She was in the cheesy Sarah Michelle Gellar movie Simply Irresistible.
  • The friendship between Jenna and Tamara encapsulates the teenage “BFF” picture in a modern, hip, fun way.
  • Much like how Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw, on Sex and the City always had her signature necklaces, so does Jenna. It’s a flat gold butterfly pendant and it’s cool without looking like she is trying to wear something cool. We often underestimate the power of something simple but consistent.
  • Desi Lydic is Valerie the counselor who looks like Jenna Elfman. Oh, hilarity. Hilarity every time she is on screen.
  • If you get to have a BFF in high school, may she be as amazing as Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed.) If you’ll pee on someone’s bed for me then I know that you love me. Trivia about Jillian Rose Reed: She was Simone in Weeds.
  • The jargon! Even I didn’t know what DTR meant (define the relationship.) You can keep your pulse on the youth of America just by watching! Look at you, you’re hip!

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