Now that you know why Casey S. was crying on The Bachelor 2012, do you believe her?

First, let’s just go over it all. So, Chris Harrison showed up to take Casey Schteamer away and talk. This is the big dramatic moment everyone’s been talking about in the previews.

“Ladies will you excuse us?”


The reactions:

“When that kind of thing happens, you almost kind of assume it’s serious,” said one of the ladies.

“Chris Harrison only shows up when something strange is going down.” – Emily

“She seemed shocked,” the ladies noticed. She was also in a jean romper. Which, ugh. Awful.

Chris took Casey outside to tell her what the problem was. “It was brought to my attention by three different people that in the United States you’re in love with someone else. And not in love with Ben. Michael is your boyfriend back home?”

“My ex-boyfriend back home.”

Chris said they talked to Michael and he said they were indeed still dating.

“That’s not true,” Kasey said. “Basically my relationship with Michael is that… I was completely in love with him but he told me from day one he didn’t know if he wanted to get married.” A year ago they broke up, then they got back together. (Theory: Maybe she signed up to be on The Bachelor while she was broken up with her boyfriend, then decided to go on the show just for fun?)

“Maybe, maybe I should have been in therapy or something… maybe I need to get over that more… obviously my perfect scenario would be to fall in love with Ben…”

“Are you still in love with Michael?”

“I don’t want to be,” she said. She wanted to move on. But she said in the past two days (convenient) she’s noticed she is still having hope for Michael. “I don’t know what I feel.”

Chris said they should talk to Ben. This was not entirely necessary since Ben wasn’t even that into Kasey. Seriously. But the show does love them some drama. And let’s be honest, so do we.

So they arrived at Ben’s room and went to talk. A little pow wow, if you will.

“I think I came into this wanting to get over a guy I was in love with but never wanted to get married to me.”

“Are you still dating this guy?” asked Ben.

“No, but I think I’m not completely over him.”

Ben said he wished she would have been honest with him from early on. “I’m very sorry. Honestly. I don’t want to be with someone that doesn’t want to marry me,” Casey said. “I wanted to be with someone like you…who really doe want to get married.” …”I still can’t be with him. … I hope you’re not mad. I hope you understand where I’m coming from.”

“I don’t sugar coat things and, I think that you should go home,” Ben stated.

She cried (man, her teeth are white!) and Chris hugged her. Ben looked forlornly off his balcony.

Chris felt sorry for her. She left, and Chris went to tell the ladies what had happened. “The fact was, she was in love with another man coming on this show.”

Do you think Kasey and Michael were really broken up or not?

She couldn’t keep her story straight, and she was too easily led into being talked into leaving. She didn’t try to fight and stay.