Now that Vincent Kartheiser has admitted in an interview with Iconology.TheRndm that he chooses to take the bus in L.A. rather than drive, there may be more than one or two Mad Men fans who start staking them out a bit. Which really, could only be good for the L.A. economy or something, right?

Some celebrities might try to parlay that into some “I want us to go green, dammit!” campaign. But from the interview we’ve learned that Kartheiser doesn’t seem the type to make up BS when it’s important. Coincidentally, he’s fine making up BS when it’s not. (Here, here!)

Vincent Kartheiser is on a retro-themed show, and makes a retro move in riding the bus. On-theme much? Ph:

“I was with my friend the other day in a shitty car coming from a set, we both still had our Mad Men hair, and I realized no one was looking at us because when you’re in a shitty car, no one looks at you. And the same is true when you’re in the bus. No one ever looks into a bus window, and the people on the bus, man, there pretty sure you’re nobody too. Like no one wants to rob you because you’re on the fucking bus — what kind of money could you have?”

“I remember I got on a plane once to audition for this Andy Garcia movie, and they were like, “Hey, come to Toronto, we’re flying you out tomorrow.” So I’m in first class and I sit down next to this guy, and I put my head between my knees when we take off and land. And when we’re landing I did it again and the guy says, “Why do you do that?” I told him this long story about how I had crashed in Alaska and had to hike 3 miles in snowdrifts, and I had had my head down and that’s what saved my life. It was a complete fucking lie, of course.”

So, take the bus if you like. Just don’t bother Peter Campbell’s vessel when he’s trying to be not his character or his imagine, but him – just a regular guy on a regular bus. Probably day-dreaming about the kinds of things you would never say outloud. We’d love to pick his brain, but we’d never dare ask.

Photos from iconology.therndm