Ever want to be a mermaid?

The ladies (not sure we should call them all “ladies”…but I digress) of ANTM got to pretend to be mermaids for their photo shoot. What did you think of the final pictures? My favorites were of Esther and Ann.

The first picture here is of Rhianna, and I think if she had tilted her head a bit to show more neck it would have been better. The shadow of the seaweed is kind of giving her a double-chin look, which is not the look she wanted, I’m sure.

This is Liz. Apparently they wanted to use makeup to make her look like a man?! (Stop making pouty lips!) As if that wasn’t bad enough, her eyes look dead – like a dead fish. Ew to that.

Poor Lexie is only calling attention to her pointy features (nose, chin) and elf-ish looks. I like the picture though, there’s something very light and playful going on.

Kendal’s haircut with layers makes it look like she’s wearing a short wig with fake hair laid under her. This isn’t her fault, though. And is that an EEL in the picture with her? I’d freak out so much. Eels are just like snakes…only maybe worse. This is a mermaid with a secret.

Kayla, who is one of my fav’s, has the same hair issue as Kendal. They should have let the girls get all of their hair wet, otherwise it looks odd. And as much as I adore Kayla, I’m not adoring this photo of her.

I LIKE the IDEA that Kacey was playing with, being choked…but the picture is awful. Her face is square, and she’s letting them shoot her from straight down, even lifting her head up away from her body. It gives her a ginormous-looking head. Points for symmetry?

The problem here is that I can’t tell if Jane’s eyes are lost, or dreamy. Jane will do well in this competition, but I think she will be cut before the finale.

I would give Esther, here, best picture of the week! She’s really connecting with the viewer in this photo. Her eyes, lips, entire face is all ON. I love it. She’s modeling! Her face is unexpected, and I love the way her lip has a little lift to it (in the close-up), as though she was going to say something but stopped.

Chris seems to be doing a predictably “I’m sexy: pose with her lips parted and eyebrows arched. To make this pose work, she should have worked on relaxing every bit of her body. Then I would believe her face.

Chelsey looks uncomfortable, and her fingers look so odd in the close-up. She wasn’t modeling H-T.  And her nose…it seems like she’s smelling something bad. Smuggest mermaid in the sea?

Ann’s small features really help her here. This is my second favorite photo, after Esther’s. She even has her hands looking graceful. Her lips are parted in a dreamy, sad way. I love how she has her eyelids dropped down a bit.