Look over the photo shoot images for the Patrick Demarchelier episode of ANTM and see if you agree or disagree with our thoughts on them. First up is Jane.

ANTM Cycle 15 Jane: I think her styling was so great for this shoot, but the picture here is off. She’s lost her neck (and her face.) The accessories are wearing her. The body, however, is positioned well. In the second picture, she’s a pretty girl but I don’t know how great it is. She could be any model in an Urban Outfitters catalog.

ANTM Cycle 15 Chris: This is a great picture, and Chris has a wonderful expression. It’s like, “Yea, uh huh, you wanna kiss me.” But she’s aloof, not paying him too much attention and, instead, connecting with the viewer. The second picture is adorable. Even with that styling, I wonder if they wanted a high fashion edge to this photo. If they did, then she shouldn’t be looking so happy.

ANTM Cycle 15 Ann: I think both of these pictures are pretty great. I wonder if she’ll win best picture again.

ANTM Cycle 15 Kacey: It looks okay. But who said “just okay” was any good at all? In a close-up, her face is very weird.

ANTM Cycle 15 Kayla: She’s nailed it, even though her wardrobe is ridiculous. The second picture is great, but I wish she’d extended the fingers on her right hand.

ANTM Cycle 15 Chelsey: I have never been a fan of Chelsey. Her face has so many hard angles, it photographs in an odd way. Her chin is lost in the first picture. In the second picture, her entire face is lost.

ANTM Cycle 15 Kendal: I enjoy these pictures, but there is not a very strong connection happening.

ANTM Cycle 15 Liz: This is a comical picture, and not in a good way. Liz photographs very manly. It seems like a cartoon.

ANTM Cycle 15 Esther: She is gorgeous, but right now her pictures are hit or miss. The first picture is a hit, but the second is almost a miss. But on second thought, I like her face in the second picture.