Untamed and Uncut on Animal Planet

Untamed and Uncut on Animal Planet

The popular “Untamed and Uncut,” which shows dramatic animal happenings in all their unabridged glory, is back this Sunday on Animal Planet.

Known for their raw and sometimes graphic footage, the program showcases the very best and sometimes frightening aspects of the animal world. Below is a clip of Sunday’s show, in which a anaconda (that’s right, the giant snake from the bad J-Lo movie) attacks wildlife documentarian Toninho Negreiro in the Colombian jungle. Be warned: it’s pretty disturbing.

Other highlights of Sunday’s episode include:

Horse Racing Disaster
Young female jockey Maggie Carter is tangled up and hurtling headlong for disaster.

Wounded Bald Eagle
Two brothers discover an injured bald eagle outside Ames, Iowa and attempt to rescue the majestic and dangerous bird.

An Alabama sheriff’s deputy is looking down the wrong end of his own gun, what will his partner, a German shepherd sacrifice to save him.

Trapped Bear
Trapped in a sewage tank outside Los Lunas, New Mexico a black bear is near baking in the sweltering dessert heat.

You can see more uncut animal videos at the official site.