Bill O'Reilly on Erin Andrews peephole scandal

Bill O'Reilly on Erin Andrews peephole scandal

If you haven’t heard already, ESPN sideline sweetheart Erin Andrews has recently been the victim of a disturbing and terrible crime. Apparently, someone followed her to her hotel room and drilled out a peephole, then filmed her changing inside and sent the videotape to various websites and media outlets.

What did Bill O’Reilly do in the name of “investigative journalism?” He showed the videotape on air. Granted, the naughty bits were blurred out… but still. Video of his broadcast below.

Furthermore, ESPN has rescinded any access the New York Post had to its offices because the NY Post published still photos of the videotape yesterday.

It’s an interesting conundrum because this is a crime and it is news. But it’s also giving more, ahem, exposure to the actual videotape. I mean, I’m doing it here, in a roundabout way. I just hope for Erin Andrews’ sake they can catch who did this and punish him to the full extent of the law.

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